Veloe Multi

Cycling is all about having fun.

Fun for kids and parents.

Why stop having fun after bringing your kids to school? The Veloe Multi is developed for commuting, doing groceries and go for a ride with your kids. Having fun in a safe environment is the purpose of Veloe. That’s why we focus on flexibility, durability and riding comfort.

Stefano & Claudia

Founders © veloe

We believe in steel.

The lightweight Chro-Mo steel frame and the sophisticated geometry provides enormously stiffness. The low instep frame and robust construction gives the rider a comfortable and straightforward riding experience.

Designed to be shared.

The stem and seatpost are very simple and easy to adjust. The Veloe Multi capacity can easily go up to 200 kg.

Big rear rack.

The rear rack is the highlight of Veloe Multi. It’s 66 cm long and 16 cm wide dimensions are suitable for one or two child seats. The most child seat brands are compatible.

Strong and durable

For families and commuters

We work with local retailers.

Experience Veloe yourself.

Veloe is available through more than 50 retailers in Europe.