Riding The Future ...

Veloe provides longtail eBikes for families and businesses. We’re an Italian production company.

People ride Veloe not only because it’s
a greener way to explore the world, but also because it’s cheaper and practical in cities.

Stefano and Claudia started the brand in 2018 as ‘Veloe, The Ultimate Family eBike’. Veloe Multi is a perfect match for people that want to get the most out of their eBike in terms of daily use and fun trips with family and friends.

Veloe eBikes are designed, produced and assembled with a passion for cycling in Milano, Italy.

Why stop having fun after bringing kids to school?

Veloe wants you to enjoy your ride. We focus on stability, safety, functi- onality and beauty. Riding a Veloe gives your life a boost by adding action and joy.

We also think kids should experience this feeling as soon as possible. The sooner this happens – the bigger the chance they will ride an (e)Bike themselfs.

People are more convinced to live in the city when accessibility is proven. Riding Veloe lets you capture the full joy of living in the city.

Restaurants, retail and services are more likely to do business when they can move around. Veloe delivers the possibility to visit local suppliers and do groceries.

Fleet opportunities on wide sceneries such as companies with huge warehouses, production departments – Veloe provides personal solutions.

We are here for families, small businesses and large companies.

Veloe is multifunctional by adding accessories.

Enjoy life.
Let’s move.
Ride Veloe.

Stefano & Claudia

Founders Veloe