Riding The Future ...

Veloe specializes in longtail eBikes designed to meet the needs of both families and businesses. As an Italian production company, we take pride in our craft.

Individuals choose Veloe not only for its environmentally-friendly way to explore the world, but also for its affordability and practicality in urban environments.

In 2018, Stefano and Claudia initiated their brand as ‘Veloe, The Ultimate Family eBike.’ The Veloe Multi is an ideal choice for those seeking to maximize their eBike’s utility for everyday transportation and enjoyable outings with loved ones.

Every Veloe eBike is meticulously crafted in Milano, Italy, reflecting a genuine passion for cycling throughout the design, production, and assembly processes.

Passion meets Mission.

Veloe’s primary aim is to enhance your riding experience. We place a strong emphasis on stability, safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. When you ride a Veloe, it injects action and joy into your daily life.

We firmly believe that children should experience this sense of exhilaration as early as possible. The sooner they do, the greater the likelihood they’ll embrace (e)Biking themselves.

City living becomes more enticing when accessibility is a proven reality. Riding a Veloe enables you to fully savor the pleasures of urban life.

Restaurants, retailers, and service providers thrive when they have the means to move around efficiently. Veloe opens up the possibilities to support local businesses, run errands, and visit your neighborhood suppliers.

For expansive settings like companies with extensive warehouses and production facilities, Veloe offers tailored fleet solutions.

Our services cater to a broad spectrum of customers, including families, small businesses, and large corporations.

Enhancing the multifunctionality of Veloe is made easy through the addition of various accessories.

Enjoy life.
Let’s move.
Ride Veloe.

Stefano & Claudia

Founders Veloe