Frequently Asked Questions

Probably the best questions in the whole wide world.

About Veloe

We work with local retailers. So, you can’t buy Veloe online because we absolutely believe in the service that local retailers provide. Every Veloe retailer is connected to the Veloe brand and gets the information they need to advice every rider. Have a look at our retailer page to find the one in your region:

At your local retailer and at the Veloe online shop:

We ship from Italy to Europe.

We listed the most important specifications on our website (

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via Facebook or send us an email:

After internal research, we came to the conclusion that (in Italy) every charge costs about 20 eurocent. Yearly? Go and search for your calculator. 🙂 Yes, it’s way less expensive then driving cars.

Hi! Thanks for the ambition you take in getting to know the Veloe brand.

For France and Germany, we work with our agent. For all other countries, please send an e-mail to

Take notice Veloe weighs 26 kg (with Nexus 8 drivetrain and a 418 Wh battery included). – The maximum load is 200 kg – max. 120 kg rider included.

We’ve added the most used payments on Do you see the lock next to the web-address in your browser? It’s secured and connected with Stripe, the safest payment partner in the world.

No. We work with local retailers for your service. We strongly believe in the power of a local network.

About cycling in general

Yes, you can! Veloe is protected against rain and splashes. But, when the engine is fully in water, there could be a problem. Are you planning to ride in the sea?

In most countries there is no helmet duty-use. Please inform where you’re planning to ride Veloe. We do advice helmet use, because we’re definitely sure you are a safe driver, but other may be not.

Yes. Veloe and all parts are resistant against cold weather (-10°C).

Every family deserves a quality ebike.

Driven by Shimano or Bosch eBike Systems.

We work with local retailers for your service.