Bosch Cargoline

The Bosch beast at Veloe. Because of its direct acceleration, its powerful cargo possibilities, the Veloe® multi Bosch is capable of making your life easy in daily transport.

Veloe® multi



Powder coated, lightweight Chro-Mo Steel


MACH1, 650 double wall alu 507x23C


24 inch Schwalbe Big Ben Plus or Schwalbe PickUp


Bosch Cargoline


Ergotec 30,6 x 400mm


Shimano Deore 10S, Nexus 5E, Enviolo TR, Enviolo HD or Enviolo HD Automatiq


Bosch Powerpack 545Wh


Chain or Gates® Carbondrive (belt)


Bosch LED Remote + The Smart System



200 kg


One-Size Fits all


180 cm


26 kg

How many kids on a Veloe Multi?

Two children up to 8 years of age on the rear + 1 child in front (age: +/- 3)


Golden Yellow, Mint Green, Signal Blue, Carmin Red, Grey, Black and custom

Fully integrated with the Bosch Smart System.

The LED Remote connects your eBike with the eBike Flow app. It makes it easy to access all important ride data and is intuitive to use – your hands remain safely on the handlebars. Change riding modes, use the smart walk assistance function and operate your display or the ride screen on your smartphone. Thanks to the smart system, the LED Remote allows you to perform updates for your eBike for yourself.

Ambient light sensor

The different coloured LEDs adjust their brightness to the environment - for optimum readability. Ready for a fun ride!

Part of the smart system

The LED Remote connects the eBike with the eBike Flow app. You can call up and share ride data there at any time.

Smart Walk Assistance

The LED remote allows you to activate helpful supports such as walk assistance, including the hill hold function.

Ergonomic handling

The LED remote can be individually adjusted to your needs and boasts optimal ergonomics and intuitive operation.

Optimal readability

For less distraction and greater safety: The LED Remote lets you record all important information quickly and easily. The LEDs are also highly visible in sunlight, and the brightness of the display adapts flexibly to the ambient light. This means that legibility is maintained even in changing light conditions and you are never dazzled, even in darkness. You can see the selected riding mode through the different LED colours.

Connected intelligently

Greater flexibility, convenience, and safety: The LED Remote connects the eBike with the eBike Flow app. This enables you to call up all important riding data, such as the duration of your ride or the distance ridden, using your smartphone and to share this with other users. You are also able to perform software updates on your own.

Ergonomic handling

The LED remote can be individually adjusted to you and, in addition to its attractive design, also boosts optimal ergonomics and intuitive operation. Thanks to the L-design, developed with ergonomics experts from SQlab, the LED Remote was placed on the handlebar in such a way that you can reach and operate all buttons perfectly with your thumb and at the same time keep all LEDs perfectly in view – for more riding enjoyment in everyday life, during your leisure time or on longer trips.

Personalize your Veloe® multi.