A partnership with Veloe®.

At Veloe®, we take great joy in being an integral part of the thriving eBike community. We find immense excitement in this dynamic industry and our goal is to actively contribute to the overarching solutions in the field of mobility.

Veloe® stands proudly as an eBike brand of velo-ce s.r.l. Our range of models caters to diverse needs, serving families, individuals, children and businesses alike.

VELO-CE SRL (www.velo-ce.eu)

Person in charge:

Mr. Stefano Moruzzi

Via Milano, 78 – 20013 Magenta – Italy

Call: +39 380 10 15 453

Change starts with connecting.

Do you share our enthusiasm? Wonderful! We’re excited to extend a heartfelt welcome to you within our expansive network covering Europe and the US.

Feel free to contact our sales team to explore potential opportunities.

Germany: Olmo Witmond

Benelux and north of France: Roulé Agency

France: Thibaut Salloigon france@veloe.eu

South of France: Breathe Bicycles contact@breathebicycles.fr

UK: VeloBrands info@velobrands.co.uk

For all other countries EU/US: info@veloe.eu