Hi Retailer!

At Veloe®, we’re happy to be a part of the cargo-eBike world. It’s an interesting market because we aim to be a part of the solution in general mobility.

Veloe® is one multi-functional eBike producer. Our model Multi is developed for families and individuals, for kids and business.

After years of research, we determined there wasn’t a multi-functional eBike for people that wanted to change their way of lifestyle in mobility and perhaps drive less with cars and see the endless possibilities of cycling.

Veloe focussed on flexibility in daily living and professional use.

VELO-CE SRL (www.velo-ce.eu)

Person in charge:

Mr. Stefano Moruzzi

Via Milano, 78 – 20013 Magenta – Italy

Call: +39 380 10 15 453

A partnership with Veloe®.

You would like to become a dealer of Veloe eBikes? Awesome! We’re happy to welcome you to our network across Europe and US.

Please contact our sales team to discuss all possibilities.

Sales agents:

Germany (north): Frank Hanewinkel

Germany (south): Michael Scherf

Benelux and north of France: Roulé Agency

France: Thibaut Salloigon france@veloe.eu

South of France: Breathe Bicycles contact@breathebicycles.fr

For all other countries EU/US: info@veloe.eu