multi lungo

A longtail story ...

Veloe® meets the expectations of its riders. Out of our rider research, families with two or more children are in need of a longer rear rack. Still, we wanted to offer a compact cargo eBike. The frame of the new Veloe®  is totally different with focus on stability, strength and comfortable riding. Introducing: ‘multi lungo’.

A 20 inch rear wheel and a 24 inch wheel in front makes your future cargo eBike smooth in riding, powerful in capacity and it looks amazingly beautiful.

Two advantages of a compact longtail eBike.

Veloe® rides like a normal eBike. In comparison with a longer cargobike, the turning radius is smaller and results turn out to be more fun in riding experience and definitely safer in city environments. Focussing on these two aspects, we wanted to fill in the needs of families with 2 and more kids.

From riding experience to durability: the reason why people #rideveloe is because of its functionality. Families prepare their kids in enjoying riding a bike. When they later on do, parents still have an awesome eCargobike, called ‘multi lungo’ facing the hassle of cities and transport groceries and daily cargo load.

Multifunctional when kids are riding on their own.

At Veloe®, we focus on building compact and multifunctional eBikes because an eBike needs to handle more for a challenging city. Switching from car to bike also means: more capacity, strength and functionality.

By replacing Veloe® accessories your multi lungo transfers your family eBike into a cargo eBike.

Diving into the specifications.

The success of ‘multi’ translates into the ‘multi lungo’. A steel frame – Italian production – keeps Veloe® extremely strong and durable yet doesn’t sacrifice in total weight because of its compound.

Choosing Bosch and Shimano: these mid-engines are made for cities and high performance riding. Chain or belt? The difference of maintaining or not. A belt drive doesn’t need to be cleaned while a chain needs grease. Gears to expand your riding area. While a Nexus 5 is great for city riding – an Enviolo HD makes it easy to switch from flat to steep.

Space for kids and cargo.

With its 77 cm long rear rack ‘multi lungo’ attracts riders that expect extra: space for luggage and space left whenever you need. Traveling with kids? Combine with two child seats with enough space for both.

Colors for lovers.

Veloe® loves colors and our riders feel the same. We created 9 standard colors added to the type of mid-engine. Even adding your own  RAL color is possible.

multi vs. multi lungo. 

When comparing Veloe® multi with multi lungo – you’ll see similarities and differences. At first – it’s a totally different frame: build with a 20 inch rear wheel and a 24 inch front wheel.

What else is different?

  • new multi lungo frame
  • longer rear rack (77 cm)
  • reinforcement of the rear rack
  • longer chain or beltdrive
  • longer wheelbase (186 cm)

Go the extra mile at 25 km/h.

By choosing Bosch or Shimano – count on experience in eBike engine development with innovative ambition. Both engines are top-notch quality in production of eBikes.

Bosch Cargoline: a drive unit for every transport job. By choosing Bosch, your rider experience gets you on the next level. Continuous component updates and customise riding modes on the eBike Flow app. Moving heavy loads up steep inclines becomes a breeze.

Shimano EP6: Enjoy a sporty way of riding Veloe® multi lungo by choosing the wonderful EP6 mid-engine. With 85 Nm it delivers a powerful e-support up to 25 km/h. It’s light, quiet and compact!

Heavy Cargo Kickstand.

Ready for daily use – Veloe® multi lungo comes with the Heavy Cargo Kickstand – specially made for Veloe® multi and multi lungo. With its 33 cm wideness, it suits the need of standing ground with heavy load and 2 children on the rear.

Accessories for every journey in every phase of life.

Veloe® multi lungo comes with accessories for kids and cargo. From safety / comfort and storage / carrier – all accessories are build exclusively for multi lungo.

77 cm long rear rack.

With its 77 cm long rear rack ‘multi lungo‘ attracts riders that expect a little extra: space for luggage and space left whenever you need. Traveling with kids? Combine with two child seats with enough space for both.