The Ultimate Family eBike

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Urban Compact e-Mobility.

Families in Europe choose Veloe for daily cargo transportation and bringing kids to school.

Over the last 2 years we’ve become the biggest game-changer for midtail e-bikes. Read more about our story.

Veloe® Multi Shimano

Ride Veloe Multi Shimano for daily groceries and strong urban rides. Choose between 4 soft colors. Discover all accessories to build yours.

Veloe® Multi Bosch

Ride Veloe Multi Bosch, available in 3 colors, a powerful e-bike for multi-use in urban environment and the countryside.

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Veloe is build to last. We hope you can use it as long as possible. Let us know which Veloe you have so we can promise you a quick follow-up.

For kids and parents.

Veloe Multi was developed for families that combine worklife with an active social life. Whether you live in the city or the countryside, Veloe Multi takes you where you need to be at a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

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For Families.

At Veloe, we think kids should experience riding a bicycle as soon as possible. When showing the wonderful world of cycling, kids are more likely to cycle themself when they grow up. The way Veloe Multi is built delivers the most similar way of cycling on their own.

For Cargo.

As Veloe Multi(functional) is capable to ride with kids, it’s enormously strong and capable of heavy load. Doing groceries, transport business tools and add accessories to make it your own personal eBike, based on your life needs.

It's personal.

Every family is different. By adding cargo-accessories, Veloe Multi is a real cargo-solution. Having kids with Veloe Multi – cargo accessories and family accessories are combined perfectly.