Our eBikes endure through various stages of Life.

We are a fully Italian production company driven by a mission: to promote more bicycles and fewer cars. Veloe® is a versatile family-cargo eBike that can be found at 161 retailers spanning across Europe and the United States.

Veloe Bosch Cargoline

Meet the Bosch powerhouse at Veloe. With its immediate acceleration and impressive cargo capacity, the Veloe® Multi Bosch makes daily transportation effortless, simplifying your life.

Ride along with your kids.

Veloe® Multi is a space-efficient eBike featuring an extended rear rack. Our emphasis on compact design is intended to ensure a seamless riding experience as a conventional eBike. Additionally, the compact size allows for easy transportation on a bicycle carrier, enhancing the bike’s versatility.

Families on the move, every day.

We are committed to offering children a delightful journey to school, recognizing that their observations and experiences profoundly shape their behavior. Our objective is to ignite a passion for cycling in young minds, equipping them with valuable skills and attitudes for the future.

One Size fits All.

Veloe® Multi was created through the addition of an Up&Down stem and a user-friendly, adjustable saddle. Veloe® Multi is a one-size-fits-all eBike, offering an adjustable range from 23 to 34 cm.

Compact with high functionality.

Veloe® Multi is a compact eBike with a long rear rack. We call it a Longtail, yet it’s not too long. The reason for this is that Veloe Multi is not longer than a normal bike. It rides like a normal bike and it fits on an eBike bicycle carrier.

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