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Our eBikes endure through various stages of Life.

We are a fully Italian production company driven by a mission: to promote more bicycles and fewer cars. Veloe® is a versatile family-cargo eBike that can be found at 161 retailers spanning across Europe and the United States.

Veloe® multi Bosch Cargoline

Meet the Bosch powerhouse at Veloe. With its immediate acceleration and impressive cargo capacity, the Veloe® multi Bosch makes daily transportation effortless, simplifying your life.

Ride along with your kids.

Veloe® multi is a space-efficient eBike featuring an extended rear rack. Our emphasis on compact design is intended to ensure a seamless riding experience as a conventional eBike. Additionally, the compact size allows for easy transportation on a bicycle carrier, enhancing the bike’s versatility.

Veloe® multi Bosch Cargoline Red Lifestyle

Families on the move, every day.

We are committed to offering children a delightful journey to school, recognizing that their observations and experiences profoundly shape their behavior. Our objective is to ignite a passion for cycling in young minds, equipping them with valuable skills and attitudes for the future.

Veloe® multi Bosch Cargoline Lifestyle

One Size fits All.

Veloe® multi was created through the addition of an Up&Down stem and a user-friendly, adjustable saddle. Veloe® multi is a one-size-fits-all eBike, offering an adjustable range from 23 to 34 cm.

Veloe® multi One Size fits All

Veloe® multi Power

Simplicity meets beautiful design. The Veloe® multi Power is a bike without e-support mostly used by cargo-lovers that need cargo-space to move around the city and don’t need the e-support.

Veloe® for Business.

Veloe® multi is the perfect solution to move around in cities with cargo.

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