Multi Shimano E6100

A standard fun-to-ride Veloe® equipped with a Shimano E6100 mid-engine built for city-use. Cruise around the city packed with cargo or use the rear rack for transporting kids.

Multi Bosch Cargoline

The Bosch beast at Veloe. Because of its direct acceleration, its powerful cargo possibilities, the Veloe® Multi Bosch is capable of making your life easy in daily transport.

Multi Shimano EP6

Veloe® Multi Little brother of the Multi Shimano EP8 and follow-up from the E6100 version. Perfect for daily groceries, picking up your kids from school and having fun during the weekend.

Multi Shimano EP8

An extremely powerful Veloe® Multi equipped with a Shimano EP8 mid-engine. The heart of your eBike gets you fast from A to B and accelerates faster and can carry more cargo.

Multi Power

A beautiful Veloe® Multi powered by your strenght. This non-eBike is your daily buddy in cargo-transport and riding your kids to school. Pump up your tires and go!