The Ultimate Family ebike.

Compact and fully equipped, every day.

For now and the future.

It’s time to make a change.

Every family deserves a quality ebike.

Veloe is a compact utility ebike that fits everyday life needs: commuting to work, transport children and carrying groceries.

Designed for families.

Discover all accessories to make your Veloe personal.

Power for every day.

Veloe is powered by the Shimano or Bosch eBike Systems which is the best of the best for daily use and leisurely trips in the city and the countryside.

Pick your color!

7 different colors: all matte coordinated with black components.

For now and the future.

All accessories are especially designed for Veloe, ready for you kids or commute to work.

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Every family deserves a quality ebike.

Driven by Shimano or Bosch eBike Systems.

We work with local retailers for your service.