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Frequently Asked Questions.

Where can I testride a Veloe?

We have a strong connection with our retail network. We want to make sure every Veloe eBike retailer gives you the right to test Veloe. Have a look at our ‘Dealer’ page to discover your Veloe retailer nearby.

Can I buy a Veloe online?

No. We want to make sure you make the right choice in final assembly. As you may know, Veloe Multi is very customizable. That is why we work with a large retail-netwerk.

When can I expect my online order?

When you order accessories online, your package is being packed immediately in Italy (Milan). Depending on your location it takes up to 3-7 days in transportation. Don’t hesitate to contact us if it takes longer than this.

When can I expect my Veloe from a retailer?

Depending on the assembly, the location of the Veloe bikestore and our suppliers, it takes up to 3-5 weeks. We do want to add that we do our very best to maintain a standard delivery of 4 weeks.

Is Veloe really a 100% Italian eBike?

Yes! We have our suppliers such as Shimano, Magura and Bosch. The Veloe Multi frame, colorspraying and assembly is being done in Milan (Italy). Sure, we are proud.

Can I lease a Veloe?

The answer to this question lies within the payment methods of your local Veloe retail-store. A lot of bikeshops are connected to a leasing program, so yes.

We do want to emphasize that we are connected to the Belgian KBC Bike Lease program.

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