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And also about your privacy.

The general terms are applied by VELO-CE S.R.L., a private company with limited liability under Italian law with its head office in Milano (Italy), registered under no. IT11540880967.

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Using mediabox.veloe.eu

To protect the visual style of the Veloe brand, it’s important to obtain control on the logo, every image and visual exposure. It’s also important to provide content to retailers, distributors and agents – the need to have material to use for presentation and selling. Veloe provides a mediabox with open-use content for retailers only.

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Referring to the Veloe brand guideline, using content of mediabox.veloe.eu doesn’t mean that the content can be used in any form. Please be aware of the consequences when content is not properly published under the restrictions of Veloe’s brand guidelines.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our communication partner: info@cyclingmedia.eu