Personalize your Veloe Multi.

For every ride

Whether you’re riding to the local groceries store or enjoy a ride in the countryside with your kids, Veloe Multi can be equipped with the necessary accessories.

Made for Veloe

Every addition to your standard Veloe is developed for Veloe. The frame has been prepared so you can personalize yours for your needs in daily living.

Service by your local dealer

Your local retailer will help you to adjust the accessories to your needs.


Long 180 cm (wheelbase 115 cm)


200 kg. Max. rider weight 120 kg.


Up to 180 km riding fun.


26 kg with Nexus 8 drivetrain.

Upper Side Rack

These side racks are available in 3 different lengths. The footsteps are necessary when kids are riding with you to rest and their feet.

We advice to use these side racks from the age of 4. When your kid(s) are 7, we advice to adjust the flat side rack.

Veloe Sidebags

Say hi! to the perfect solution for doing groceries and take everything with you you need for the week. The sidebags are being sold separately.

A waterproof fabric pannier to create additional space, a multipurpose bag designes for an extra lateral load with a capacity of 53 liter.

Safety first!

As your kids will definitely be excited, these textile covers are necessary out of safety reasons. Let them enjoy Veloe in a safe way.

These side textiles are required for safety reasons. In the back, children are often excites. The covers protect loss-hanging clothing from getting in the wheel.

Veloe Front Rack

Ready to combine with a Racktime box. Carry your belongings in front of your Veloe. Easy to attach and extremely strong.

Front Child Seat

The Veloe front child seat is an extremely strong saddle mounted on a attachment unit with 2 foorsteps. Veloe is prepared for the attachment of this child seat.

Rear Child Basket + Hooodie soft pad

Made for children from 4 years old. After the ‘child seat’ period, kids are ready to sit on the rear of Veloe. Enjoy a comfortable ride with the Hooodie soft pad and the side racks.

Strong and durable

For families and commuters

We work with local retailers.

Experience Veloe yourself.

Veloe is available through more than 50 retailers in Europe.