Your personal Veloe.

Be flexible, ride Veloe.

Veloe child footsteps.

Footrest are required to cover safely the different passengers’ height (children). These are available in 2 different heights.

Veloe Sidebags.

A waterproof fabric pannier to create additional space, a multipurpose bag designed for an extra lateral load with a capacity of 53 liter.

Veloe safety covers.

These side textiles are required for safety reasons. In the back, children are often excited. These covers protect loss-hanging clothing from getting in the wheel.

Front child seat.

The Veloe front child seat is an extremely strong saddle mounted on a attachment unit with 2 footsteps. 

Veloe is prepared for the attachment of this child seat.

Available at your local bicycle retailer.

Veloe is already available in Italy, Austria, Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK. More retailers will soon be added.

Every family deserves a quality ebike.

Driven by Shimano: innovative power.

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