Next-level comfort.

The Ventisit cushion for Veloe Multi was developed to obtain a comfortable (soft) and dry riding experience. The cushion fits perfectly on you Veloe Multi and is the Premium version of the basic soft pad cushion.

Dimensions: 52 x 21 cm / 20,5 x 8,3 inch

Always cool and dry

Excessive perspiration even with the slightest effort is a thing of the past with Ventisit. As a result of Ventisit’s open structure, an air layer is formed between you and the seat. You are literally lifted 2 of 3 cm off your seat. You couldn’t wish for a better ventilation. To ensure that the ventilation is optimal, it is essential not to close off the sides with covers and/or clothes.

Dry fast

As a Ventisit cushion is fast drying and does not absorb moisture, you can leave it outside. This is ideal for children’s transport. It is not necessary to remove it in case of rain and simply necessary to shake it out after a rain shower. The Ventisit seat cushion does not absorb any perspiration meaning it remains odor free.

Additional information

Veloe® multi lungo

A longtail story

A 20 inch rear wheel and a 24 inch wheel in front makes your future cargo eBike smooth in riding, powerful in capacity and it looks amazingly beautiful.