Veloe® presents: multi lungo, a longtail story.

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May 7 2024

Milano (IT) – Veloe® focusses on cargobike solutions for families and businesses. With their first model ‘multi’, the company has made an impact on city life mainly in Belgium, Germany and UK. Model ‘multi’ is a compact family eBike, but we also see them used by local companies in need of transport for goods. The new ‘multi lungo’ has its focus on families with 2 or more children.

The expectations of our riders is our main focus.

The company start presenting the brand new ‘multi lungo’, a fully charged longtail. Yet, it seems to be compact at a first glance. The newest model has the same Italian looks as the ‘multi’ – but with a longer rear rack. For this reason it’s a great solution for traveling with kids and bringing all your stuff wherever you go.

“Out of our rider research, families with two or more children are in need of a longer rear rack. Still, we wanted to offer a compact cargo eBike, because a compact eBike with a long rear rack still rides like normal eBike. That’s exactly what our riders love about Veloe®. The frame of the new Veloe® multi lingo is totally different with focus on stability, strength and comfortable riding.” explains Stefano Moruzzi – founder at Veloe®

“The new longtail eBike from Veloe® has created a new era in the bigger longtail picture” – because of its compact utility purpose. The main difference on this new model is definitely a 20 inch rear wheel and a 24 inch wheel in front. We see a new colorful frame in combination with a soft black rear rack. This rear rack is reinforced for a comfortable riding experience. The longer ‘multi lungo’ is equipped with a longer chain or belt. Families can choose between Shimano Nexus 5, an Enviolo HD hub or a 3X3 gear hub (that’s new!). The new multi lungo with a Bosch Cargline mid-engine comes in 5 colors. The Shimano alternative has a softer coloring, also in 5 variants.

“We strongly believe in the capacity of longtail eBikes, but people demand to ride like a normal eBike. ‘Multi lungo’ has a wheelbase of 186 cm which makes it compact and multifunctional as a cargo solution.”

Build a family eBike into a cargo eBike.

The new multi lungo, as the multi, is a base on which you build your own eBike. By replacing family accessories and mounting cargo accessories, you’ll have an eBike for you, based on your daily activities. That’s actually one of the main advantages of riding a longtail eBike with a lot of accessories. When kids are riding on their own, parents have an eBike to do groceries or go on a trip with all the stuff they need.

The newest model will be presented at Eurobike 2024 and is already available at most local retailers across Europe.

About Veloe®

Veloe® is a brand of the Italian production manufacturer of eBikes Velo-ce S.RL. The company, which was founded in 2020 focusses on mobility solutions for families and individuals. Veloe® eBike frames are designed, welded and mounted in Arluno (Milano).

Veloe® has been designed to cater to the needs of both families and businesses, offering a secure and enjoyable environment with an eye toward future mobility possibilities.

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