We create a connection based on four pillars.

Our Veloe Retail Partners are carefully chosen, taking into consideration four fundamental criteria: vision & mission, durability, visibility & testrides, and technical knowledge. These pillars ensure a robust selection process that aligns with our commitment to excellence in collaboration.


Embarking on the forefront of cargo solutions, our Veloe® Retailer Network is steadfast in the belief that cargo bikes are set to redefine the fabric of daily mobility. This marks a pivotal stride towards sustainable transportation, symbolizing a profound evolution in the way we navigate and embrace eco-friendly travel.


Positioning ourselves as trendsetters, we aspire to make a prominent presence in bike shops. Additionally, we emphasize the utmost importance of test-riding Veloe® bikes. The greater the number of bike shops showcasing our eBikes and facilitating test rides, the more confident we become in people embracing eBikes as an integral part of their lifestyles.


Veloe® manufactures premium eBikes designed for prolonged usage. Recognizing the significance of sustainability in mobility, we appeal to bike shops sharing a similar vision. In practice, we prioritize the use of high-quality components and emphasize a focus on long-term maintenance.


With the surge in eBike maintenance, the industry anticipates a demand for expertise. All Veloe® Retailers possess the necessary knowledge to proficiently maintain our eBikes, embodying the vision we passionately uphold.