Veloe® Multi Work

Heavy loads, long distances.

Veloe® Multi can take a load of 200 kg. We provide cargo accessories for large companies and local businesses to implement mobility fast and practical.

Cargo on the move.

"We see opportunities. Local businesses use Veloe® Multi for a quick ride from supplier to shop. We also deliver fleets for innovative companies."

Stefano Moruzzi - founder

Move anything, anywhere.

Compact, versatile and extremely practical: keywords for Veloe® Multi. Combine with accessories and take your daily business to the next level.

e-Powered by Bosch® or Shimano®

Start smiling.

The standard in mid-engine power support: Bosch Cargoline and Shimano EP6 or EP8. Veloe® Multi gives you the power to excellerate at a max. speed of 25 km/h.

Prepared for a challenge.

Start loading.

Every Veloe® Multi is prepared to add accessories. Designed to optimize for every transport or business. With a max. load of 200 kg, local businesses use Multi for daily rides and heavy cargo transport.

Safety first.

Stability for you and your cargo.

Equipped with high quality 4 piston brakes, Veloe® Multi is one of the safest cargo eBikes in the world.