Cargo + 2 children

Combine riding with kids with your daily groceries.

The rear of Veloe Multi is long and can carry 2 children. Still Veloe Multi rides like a normal eBike. Use the front rack for daily cargo transport.

Combine 1 child with side bags.

One child near you combined with smaller side bags is the perfect solution for people that drop of their child at school and ride to the grocery store.

Transform your ride to fully cargo!

One heavy box on the rear combined with the side bags and a box in front – you can load up to a total of 200 kg.

Attach your ‘other brand’ side bags on the rear.

The rear of Veloe Multi is designed to attach standard side bags from accessory brands.

Double your cargo load.

The frame was build to combine with accessories from brands – because it’s not your first bike right? So you don’t have to buy new ones.

Ride along with bigger kids.

No need for child seats? Use the Ventisit cushion to make the rear more comfortable and combine with 1 or 2 side bags.

Every day on the road with fixed boxes.

We’d like you to think about what you transport every day. Set-up your own configuration.