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Veloe Multi and Shimano Steps

Choose your Shimano color: Blue, Red, Grey and Green

The new generation Shimano Steps E6100 delivers a smooth, efficient and natural ride feeling, it integrates more seamlessy while maintaining the comfort and efficiency of traditional cycling.
The centrally mounted light motor Shimano Steps E6100 with 250W can assist your ride for 180 km using a fast-charging 504 kwhli-ion battery.

Fast-charging, high capacity Li-Ion battery

  • Supported travel up to 185 km on one charge
  • 1,000 charge cycles with no significant power loss 
  • Quick charging time for those who are always on the go
  • Power-assist mode and capacity / travel distance
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Veloe Multi and Bosch eBike Systems

Choose your Bosch eBike Systems color: Golden Yellow, Green Mint and Signal Blue

The Performance Line is the most versatile drive system from Bosch. Whether you’re on a sporty jaunt through the countryside, commuting to work or cruising on a leisurely outing, it always delivers the right support at the right moment.

The Performance CX Drive Unit is the power benchmark among the drives. Weighing 2.9 kg and with a maximum torque of 85 Nm, it brings more riding enjoyment to the trail on demanding rides despite its particularly compact size.

For every day riders.

  • Outstanding motor control: The multi-sensor concept enables a dynamic and responsive drive unit for precise acceleration and a unique trail experience.
  • Direct power transmission: Powerful riding performance right from the start and constant power delivery over a very wide cadence range.
  • Natural riding sensation: The new gearbox concept significantly reduces pedalling resistance when the drive is switched off and at over 25 km/h.

Available at your local bicycle retailer.

Veloe is already available in Italy, Austria, Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK.

Every family deserves a quality ebike.

Driven by Shimano or Bosch eBike Systems.

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