About Veloe

Kids & parents, here we are!

For the smallest and the tallest.

Why can’t we let our children go around the age of 7 to school, by themselves? Trying to protect our children in traffic by being traffic, is not the solution.

So we listened and created.

Looking for a ebike? It's a crazy market.

big, bigger, biggest. Best?

The world is filled with great cycling brands that focus on one purpose. Have a look at cargo ebikes: they are awesome, and heavy! Don’t take a corner when you don’t have any experience riding a long cargo ebike. That’s why we think cargo ebikes are for companies and experienced drivers.

“We needed a utility ebike that is easy to ride, for creative riders: safe and functional.”

The geometry of the frame and the 24″ wheels keep your centre of gravity low to make your ride comfortable and safe even when loaded.

A safe ebike for children, and fun to ride for parents. Because why stop fun after you take your kids to school … Veloe is developed for commuting, doing groceries and go for a ride with your kids.

Available at your local bicycle retailer.

Veloe will soon be available at more local shops in Italy, Austria, Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK.

Every family deserves a quality ebike.

Driven by Shimano: innovative power.

We work with local retailers for your service.